Right Brain Drawing Club, Picture Share #2

Hey y’all!  Better late than never, right!?

This upside down thingy was super hard for me to not think “man, I’m so above this, I’m never gonna learn anything.  Lo- she learned me some skills, that author teacher lady did.

Here are my husband’s rendition:

Jeff's copy.

Jeff’s copy.


And here’s mine.

my copy.  that thumb is pretty crazy.

my copy. that thumb is pretty crazy.

Hoping to get to either a spider man or the knight sometime before the week is up…

Thanks for sharing your renditions and well done Simcha getting these in before your epic camping trip!

For more drawing fun check out I Have to Sit Down.

-vic and jeff.

Why I Re-started breastfeeding our toddler.

Big Latch On 2013

Big Latch On 2013


Sooooo, this is a post all about the ins and outs of breastfeeding my toddler.

I’m 26 weeks pregnant{Yay! } and never thought I’d still be nursing our 22 mo. old toddler at wake-up, naptime and to sleep at night.  I thought if I could get to 12 months it would be a miracle.  She went thru a very short lived biting stage around 12 months but really seemed to want to continue so we did.

The past few months I’ve been prepping her to stop, weaning like a slow rolling hill.  She now doesn’t ask as much and really just comfort nurses about 30 seconds a side.  I can’t express manually so she must it seems just be comfort nursing.  Which is fine.

Until very recently where any nursing has become incredibly uncomfortable.  I’ve read a bit and figured that she would want to stop by now, but no.  And last week I decided I Had to be done.  It seems like baby gets really mad each time toddler latches on.  I could be having minor contractions, plus the squish little guy gets each time our 35 pounder jumps into my lap ain’t no joke.  I told her that we had 3 more days of “nurse nurse” and she seemed to be fine with it.  I hadn’t taken away her naptime, night time comfort chill with Mommy time yet.  I was slowing substituting and changing things like book in bed instead of on the nursing chair, putting in the music bear with our routine and switching sides almost immediately.

Finally the last day came on Friday night.  I was a bit sad to see the end of our nursing but knew the freedom for us both would finally be a good thing.  Then Saturday came.  She didn’t ask at all to nurse in the morning.  Nap time was sad and she cried for a bit.  I softly explained that I loved her and we weren’t nursing any more and that she is my big girl and can go to sleep on her own now.  She didn’t buy it  and it wasn’t long before Daddy had to swoop in to the rescue when she woke up to try and get her back asleep.  Success. That time.  Then night time came and she cried and cried but finally made it to sleep.  Honestly, I realized that I hadn’t prepared myself at all for stopping.  I felt a mild sense of heartbrokenness.  Where did this come from???  I thought I was totally ready.  Totally wanted to stop nursing her.  What?  My husband assured me that we would get thru it.  Remembering how pregnant I am, which is like 100%, I just thought it could be hormones.

I successfully distracted her with breakfast the next morning, but ooooh boy.  Naptime.  Naptime came and I was all prepared, albeit exhausted from a cruddy night’s sleep.  Tick tock tick tock.  Husband was at work this time, pre-schooler was asleep and little Miss just wasn’t buying it any longer.  She was tired, so I let her cry for a bit, soothing her with backrub and assuring her that Mommy was there and loved her.  Not buying it still.  Sigh.  I had to leave the room where the real wailing and gnashing began.  Boogies and alligator tears.  After about 15 minutes I realized she just needed Mommy time.  That’s what she wanted and can tell me in plain English.  So I figured even tho{I felt like or worried that} my husband may be disappointed in my giving in and all those people who can wean their kids would be disappointed, maybe I still needed to nurse her too.  Bigger sigh.- My husband was and is supportive.  He wants me to be happy and for our family to be happy.

Yesterday nursing her was a relief.  She fell asleep almost immediately and I let her know that it’s okay, that if she needs to continue to have “nurse nurse” time we can do that.  She breathed a huge sigh of relief, nursed for about 15 seconds if that long and was out like a light.

I’ll breastfeed her until she’s done, which may or may not be by the time baby #3rd comes along.  For now it’s fine and I have been blessed to give this time to our children.  Exhausting and trying as it may be, still God has blessed our family with full time Mommy.


Nuestra Senora de Leche

Nuestra Senora de Leche

And I would be remiss to mention that a whole lot of prayer went into this entire process.  Our Lady of Guadalupe and Nuestra Senora de Leche have been my guide, especially when the rough got tough and I just wanted to scream my head off.  She has been a true inspiration for how this process has gone and will go.  These images have helped and inspired me in all the moments.  She has been there for me and I am eternally grateful.

These two images I think are just awesome.  I’m not doing any art history here, they just mean a lot to me in that Jesus isn’t tiny 7 pound 6 ounce babe.  He is a toddler and beyond! And thx to St. Peter’s List for the images!

Baby Jesus is straight up Standing, so this makes me feel pretty good.

Baby Jesus is straight up Standing in this sculpture, so this makes me feel pretty good.

Virgin nursing preschooler

And, seriously, Jesus could be like 5 or older in this depiction. So, go nursing moms of older kids!

It’s very hard for me to listen and heed, but trying to be the best mom to our kids is part of the goal of my vocation as wife and mother.  I am{striving to be} the heart of our family.  So, I look to the best example of motherly heart I know.

Nuestra Senora, pray for us!

Right Brain Summer Drawing Club, Picture Share #1!!!

We’re so excited!  It’s bedtime for littles so I’m gonna make this short and sweet .

Husband and I are joining in the fun over at Simcha’s blog  I Need to Sit Down for summer drawing.  There’s a lot more i would like to write, but, time.

So, here are Jeff’s first drawings for the week(my rad hubby joining me for the drawing fun)!  And can I say what a great job I think he did!  Wow.




from memory





Here are my first submissions.  I was pretty nervous.  I have to say that I am an artist and studied in art school and even taught drawing.  I also have not done a proper drawing in at least 5 years, more like 6 and my last class was over a decade ago.  I was surprised at how much I remembered and am so thrilled to have some impetus and encouragement to actually start drawing and making again.  Thanks Simcha!


Selfie no. 1




hand- mostly resembling some creepy inflatable or something, complete with peeling nail polish.

from memory.

from memory.

I just want to apologize to my daughter for  making her look like a scarecrow.  Uhh, sorry kid. maybe I’ll improve?

Anyway, this book is awesome, and if I am ever blessed with the oportunity to teach drawing 101 again, I will totally be using this book.  Ah, grad school mistakes, live and learn.

Hope you all have a good laugh and join in the linkup fun. Ciao!

Armed Forces Day & ‘Mom’s Night In’ Recap w. pix!

It’s Armed Forces Day!

First I just want to say a heartfelt Thank You to all those who have, do and will serve our American Armed Forces.  It is because of your work, dedication and sacrifice that we can call ourselves Americans today. This may seem cliche, but I believe this to be true and your work is usually the last to get noticed or thanked.  And a special Thank You to my husband; once and always a United States Marine and current Air Force Reserves Tech. Sergeant.  What you do means so much to me and I am so proud to call you my husband.  May God Bless our Armed Forces.


Tech. Sgt. Falls in a totally rad Humvee exercise



St. Martin of Tours, patron of soldiers,  pray for us!


 I decided that I needed to put a proper cap on the #sotg drink tasting since it was such a blast for moms and kids alike.


Snuggled in Thomas bed.

So, I owe a giant thank you to you lovely ladies who braved liquors that you don’t even like PLUS raw egg whites to help me compete in this totally fun contest for Jen Fulwiler’s book release. I hope that you all go out and get a copy too. This had to be the best excuse to have some ladies over and just have a fun night and let our kids just play like wild things that they are.

Some proof that this so-called SOTG drink was made and enjoyed:

Vim and vigor shake complete with grimace and messy counter.

Vim and vigor shake complete with grimace and messy counter.

I got to be bartender, cuz I can’t do the concoction tasting because  Baby 3rd is 20 weeks!, but I did sip one and verdict is Yum!

The #SOTG North/South Pisco

The #SOTG North/South Pisco

and the recipe again for ‘ya:

El #SOTG North/South Pisco


1 oz. bourbon

1 oz. tequila

4-6 oz. sour mix (I used the frozen Bacardi Marg. mix)

Egg white from 1 egg

lime wedge

Pour all over ice in a shaker.  (I used this as an excuse to finally buy those large mason jars I’ve been eyeing)

Shake with all the vim and vigor you got to let the egg do it’s frothy, foamy thang

strain into a (chilled) rocks/ champagne/ mason jar/ whatever you like

garnish with that pretty lime and

OLE Y’all!  Happy drinking.

Miss Arron enjoying crazy concoction.

Miss Arron enjoying crazy concoction.

I was so jealous here.  Ima have one of these come October.

And then this little girl stole my kids’ hearts. They were literally fighting over who she belonged to after she left.

Little Miss Sweetie Pie herself.

Little Miss Sweetie Pie herself.

So that was a super fun and easy Mom’s Night In.  Can’t wait to do it again.

I’d love to hear from anyone else who joined the contest fun, or tried this crazy drink, or just for whatever reason.


7ishQT on Drink Contest, Dandelions and Mishaps


Hey y’all!  We made it to Friday, not that that means anything around these parts, but we did, and somehow this week it actually feels like a Friday for once in a Blue Martini moon.  (I’m pregnant, all I can think about are the lovely blue cheese stuffed olive martinis I cannot have right now.)



Speaking of drinks, are you partaking in the Jen’s fun #sotg  book release contests!?  I hope so, cuz I love me a good competition. And Eep!  tonight is the deadline, I totally thought I had until manana, pero, no.  Today is it folks.

Husband and I came up with a -to-be-taste-tested-by-non-preggos-later-hopefully delicious- and contest winning- #sotg drink.  Phew.  I sent my Top Secret Recipe to one hilarious and you all knew her before I did; Kelly of  This Ain’t The Lyceum for a video making!

That’s me gasping at that generous offer.

Anyway, to finish this post I gotta Giant list of crap to get done today and that lawn ain’t gonna mow itself.

{part 2}


(image courtesy of www.undertheyewtree.com – and didn’t use this but you should also try the real deal Pisco Sour, it’s amazing)

El #SOTG North/South Pisco Drink Recipe you all have been waiting for!


1 oz. bourbon

1 oz. tequila

4-6 oz. sour mix (I used the frozen Bacardi Marg. mix)

Egg white from 1 egg

lime wedge

Pour all over ice in a shaker.  (I used this as an excuse to finally buy those large mason jars I’ve been eyeing)

Shake with all the vim and vigor you got to let the egg do it’s frothy, foamy thang

strain into a (chilled) rocks/ champagne/ mason jar/ whatever you like

garnish with that pretty lime and

OLE Y’all!  Happy drinking.

[tried to insert hilarious drink making vlog here, possibly rivaling Kelly's (good luck with that Victoria), it's gonna have to wait.]


This past weekend, I was able to get down to Colorado Springs with kids for some family fun.  Husband is training, placing 3rd in a state-wide shooting contest, doing cool AFR stuff; so we made the trek.  I made it longer by making a much needed pit stop at my Mom’s.  My husband was so sweet and did everything to make my day a lovely one.  Thank you babe!


Mishap #1:  I simply Had to get those dandelions mowed down cuz there was probably a storm a comin’ and I didn’t know if our city would make good on their promise to charge us an arm and a leg to spray them themselves before husband got the chance to deal with them.  Our city, it’s my least favorite thing about living here so far.  I don’t like this term, but nanny state totally fits here.  And for some reason, I felt this was fitting:


Mishap #2 Start the car after 1.5 hours of dragging the lawnmower around the lawn and truck decides not to start.  Luckily there were some nice farmer guys doing another neighbors lawn who jumped the battery.  Phew.


Mishap #3:  It started to snow.  Hard.  Like sideways 1/4 mile visibility kinda snow.  On Mother’s Day.  And I forgot socks for me. Husband to the rescue again.  Phew.


Did anyone ever tell you in your whole life that it is a TERRIBLE idea to take a toddler to a movie, at an actual movie theater?  That kid can sit and watch her some Daniel Tiger or Dora or some stupid movie, yes, I’m a terrible Mom, but a real paid-for flick.  UGH.  Just- don’t- do- it.  Unless you want this to be your life:




These guys.  Aren’t they pretty?  Well;

Ooooooooooh boy. I have to give a Major Mea Culpa to my neighbors whom I have been a hatin’ on for at least a week for this dandelion thing. I just talked to the city to get a “preggo extension” on the whole Nuisance Code mess. It turns out that the City of Sterling has been walking around our neighborhood, literally, to see who is in violation of this horrible dandelion EPIDEMIC. I mean, those dandelions, you Seriously have to watch them, they could kill a person.
So, to my unwitting neighbors, I am so sorry for all the glaring, talk behind your backs  and general mean thoughts in your direction, I apologize.  Not that you will ever see this crazy Catholic Mama blog, but still.  Plus, there’s confession. Phew.  Now I turn the death glares to you, dear stupid city.  Which is childish, I know, but give me a break.



I think that’s actually 7, so that’s what Ima do this week.  Gotta change somebody’s little dipe then get all bedazzled for my #SOTG drink taste test Mom’s night In fun.

Happy Friday, can’t wait to read more over at the Fulwiler place!

And major congratulations to you Jen for writing and  getting this book out!  I am so very looking forward to some time to read it!

Five Favorites! Take 1.


(edited to put in Hallie’s fancy cool image^)

Whoa.  I’m about to join the fun ranks of 5faves.  Did a hashtag get chosen?  I’m always late to the party.

Anywho, here are my 5 today, kinda nitty gritty cuz that’s where I be at what with pushing 20 weeks pregnant nesting needs and husband being gone waaay too much with work(s) lately.

Muchas Gracias for hosting Kat(i)e! and for usually hosting Miss Hallie!  I loooove the link-up.  Without it, my blog would surely die a horrible death.



This stuff is just amazing and I am positive that I was graced with zero stretch marks during our son’s pregnancy because of it.



And- my sister is going to Kiiiiiiill me when and if she finds out I posted our ~1986 camping morning photo.  So, glad to know ya!  I think I’ll just keep this little bit to mahself, well, and y’all of course.  That’s her cute middle school self up top and I’m the pensive teenager in pinkish red. That was totally my favorite hoodie ever btw.



Our bebe.  He’s a He!!!  My husband totally thought our little tiny son was a girl, and the night before our ultrasound about a week ago, I was like, “ya know? I think this baby is a boy.”  I’m favoriting our blessed new miracle and the amazingness of the new ultrasound.  Just amazing.   Anyways- lo and behold, we get to pick out a boy name!  A little backstory, I wrote a while ago that I really wanted to name a girl Eowyn. cuz duh.  And I would love to name a boy Ender.  Cuz I’m a total geek like that and it’s my husband’s favorite book of all time, I think. And I got the N to the O on both until he said I could name a girl Eowyn IF we named a boy Aragorn.  Ummmmmm, no.  Cuz that would be silly.  Am I right?  Mommy logic.  So, now that there really IS a boy, he says “yes” to Ender and I’m all, in my little downturned sheepish tone “I was just kiiiiding.”  Oh, the name game. Holy Spirit, please inspire us!


The lovely and my newly found interwebz amiga, Catholic Mommy extraordinaire; Blythe over at The Fisk Files posted an awesome video from FUN up so I got to find this gem. Pink with Nate Ruess from FUN;  I mean, these two, in a song, together.  Some of God’s beauty for us to enjoy. And again I am usually late to the party, but my excuse is is that I live in a small town.  Did you hear Pink at the Oscars singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow?  I love how she has matured as an artist. Such tunes, so song.



I seriously cannot be excited enough to finally be getting my new Dansko Sam sandals.  I am in love with this color. And Boy oh boy do I adore the soft on the inside.  No surfer bone break-in cuz they be sandals and all, and I can wear them with everything.  I was on the fence 2 years ago when Moms got me a pair of Chacos.  Never fear! I am now the proud owner of these lil beauties which are never coming off my feet.


Thanks for stopping by this little blog and hope to see you soon!  Happy Easter!


The {phfr} spring edition.

Hey y’all!  I’m in a pretty good mood for having been with kids AAAAAAAlllll week.  Phew.

So here’s some of our week’s fun in photos and short on words cuz my brain is kinda fried now.



I finally remembered to save some of the beautiful flowers my husband gave me.  They remind me that I am married to the man who loves me.  This counts for happy too, but I’ll put in another fun shot for that.



We are actually in our house for the beginning of spring!  And it looks like we’ll be here likely thru the birth of baby 3rd. So we got to planting all the fun flowers it was too late for last season.  This may not look like much yet, but it was a giant celebration and feat for this mama.  We planted garlic for the first time, Clare Bear got to be planting assistant for the first time, we got all dirty in celebration for spring And got wildflowers and poppies sifted in there too.  Tho- the mulched grass did cause a hellatious 2 day long allergy attack.  So I got that going for me too.



“Ah dun.”

Okay, this was a little while ago, but I just couldn’t resist the hilarity.  Will she demand I take this picture off the interwebz when she is 16? Likely.  But pottytraining, you just gotta laugh at it sometimes, right?



Our poor guy had the misfortune to get the Worst bout of stomach flu or bug or food poisoning the very first night husband was out of town.  At 11pm.  Miraculously thru all the barfing, tears and sleeping in mama’s bed, little Miss didn’t wake at all.  Amazing. Thank you Gaurdian Angels for that sweet gift. This is what he looked like on virtually sips of water and 2 hours of sleep the next day.  Thankfully it was all gone at 3am and bonus was I got his room Totally spring cleaned, re-arranged and organized.

-that was our week pretty much.  Thank goodness I have help and a love in my husband and Jesus to lean on when tymz is hard.

Peace  and have a lovely Palm Sunday friends.  It’s like one of my favorite days in the year.  And I can’t help but think of that dance scene in Superstar.  How I love that movie.  I think we’ll have a viewing this coming week.

And a major mea culpa edit, I forgot to thank the lovely and gracious hosts in my haste to get this up. Thank you, Muchisimas Gracias to Like Mother Like Daughter for inspiration and hosting this link up!