The {phfr} spring edition.

Hey y’all!  I’m in a pretty good mood for having been with kids AAAAAAAlllll week.  Phew.

So here’s some of our week’s fun in photos and short on words cuz my brain is kinda fried now.



I finally remembered to save some of the beautiful flowers my husband gave me.  They remind me that I am married to the man who loves me.  This counts for happy too, but I’ll put in another fun shot for that.



We are actually in our house for the beginning of spring!  And it looks like we’ll be here likely thru the birth of baby 3rd. So we got to planting all the fun flowers it was too late for last season.  This may not look like much yet, but it was a giant celebration and feat for this mama.  We planted garlic for the first time, Clare Bear got to be planting assistant for the first time, we got all dirty in celebration for spring And got wildflowers and poppies sifted in there too.  Tho- the mulched grass did cause a hellatious 2 day long allergy attack.  So I got that going for me too.



“Ah dun.”

Okay, this was a little while ago, but I just couldn’t resist the hilarity.  Will she demand I take this picture off the interwebz when she is 16? Likely.  But pottytraining, you just gotta laugh at it sometimes, right?



Our poor guy had the misfortune to get the Worst bout of stomach flu or bug or food poisoning the very first night husband was out of town.  At 11pm.  Miraculously thru all the barfing, tears and sleeping in mama’s bed, little Miss didn’t wake at all.  Amazing. Thank you Gaurdian Angels for that sweet gift. This is what he looked like on virtually sips of water and 2 hours of sleep the next day.  Thankfully it was all gone at 3am and bonus was I got his room Totally spring cleaned, re-arranged and organized.

-that was our week pretty much.  Thank goodness I have help and a love in my husband and Jesus to lean on when tymz is hard.

Peace  and have a lovely Palm Sunday friends.  It’s like one of my favorite days in the year.  And I can’t help but think of that dance scene in Superstar.  How I love that movie.  I think we’ll have a viewing this coming week.

And a major mea culpa edit, I forgot to thank the lovely and gracious hosts in my haste to get this up. Thank you, Muchisimas Gracias to Like Mother Like Daughter for inspiration and hosting this link up!

Bienvenidos a 2nd Trimester and Blog Make-Over!

It’s with super joy and relief that I am able to welcome little 3rd into her 2nd Trimester! Queue celebratory music.  I am so thrilled that I am staring to get my energy, brain, sanity, life, family, clean house(to be seen), passion for everything Vic; back.   I’m just guessing about “her” at this stage.  But, that’s what’s stuck so far, we shall see in a few weeks.  We’re finder-outters.  I love being able to call baby by their sex and zero in on names and be able to call them by name for the last few months. If we agree on a name that is… ;)

And- she totally has fingerprints!  How amazing is that.  Just beautiful.

(Just like that I had one amazing high energy day and 2 days of nausea, headaches and yuck.  Here’s to feeling better soon.)

So, I hope you enjoy the new layout here  at Spicy Catholic and have a blessed day!

We are stuck at home this morning with truck in the shop so sonny boy isn’t able to make it to pre-school.  Sooo- in lieu of school we are going to make candy!  Yummy, hopefully delicious and kid-make-friendly jelly pectin candy.

Wish us luck.  Posting sugary fun later.

And I leave you with this for a little throwback  Thursday Tuesday action.


Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day and Baby Kick Day!


Happy Spring Equinox friends and Happy World Down Syndrome Day!  Today we get to celebrate all the beautiful people with DS and help the children who need loving homes get adopted.  Aaaand, last night- I felt our little lime sized cutie wiggle!  I couldn’t believe it!  I was putting goggle girl down to sleepies and I felt a thumpy type of flutter which could only be one thing- a baby moving! Somehow feeling your child move just makes it so so real.  Not to mention eased my worry button.  Anyway, enough here.

Before I met my husband and before I was a Catholic, I went down to Chile to work with refugees.  I was so blessed by this trip.  In so many ways it opened my eyes to who I needed to be in the world.  One amazing thing I noticed about Chile was that I saw people with Down Syndrome a lot.  Much more than we see here at home.  When I got home and became a pro-life person and able to see God’s perfect beauty in all people, I realized that there is a culture of life in Chile.  They do not abort their DS babies there like so many have here.  There was even a television reality show about people with DS.  This to me was shocking.  We America, have a long way to go.  So today, we celebrate life, in all forms and functions. That it has it’s own intrinsic value.  And as our Declaration of Independence states:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.-

I recently became a prayer warrior for one amazing child at Reece’s Rainbow who desperately needs a loving family.  Maybe you can too.  Here’s a brilliant video they put together- you may need a tissue.  They are celebrating 21 Days of Hope where so much of these kids’ adoption grants are raised.  If you have any ability to donate to these kids I just know you will be rewarded in heaven and on earth. (edited- I apoligize I cannot figure out how to put up the video image here, my host isn’t working with me today, but you won’t regret clicking!)

And for some down home, real life adventures with a gorgeous little girl called Moxie with DS, just head on over to Meriah’s place.

May all the blessings God brings us be yours this Spring.

{pfhr} & Theme Thursday!


Well hellooo amigos.  I’m officially at the 12 week mark with Baby 3!!!  So, to celebrate I thought I’d do a little fun linkage and sharing of the craze….



I’ve realized that the small victories around here are really small miracles.  Baking is my Love. It’s almost immediate gratification. Yesterday I actually had energy to bake!  I am so excited.  It’s the easiest of peasiest recipes from our beloved Ree over at Pioneer Woman.  I added some dark chocolate chips- cuz- and I know Miss Ree would agree- why wouldn’t cha?

 I’m finally starting to come out of the 1st trimester baby-is-healthy-making-mommy-sick-as-all-get-out blues.  Yay.  Maybe my family can have me back soon. Progesterone medication for baby to stay put is Almost done- thank sweet baby Jesus, and counting the minutes until we’re free. And- I am so blessed with the knowledge Creighton Model family planning provided us to Know I needed progesterone for a sucessful 1st trimester- no matter how sick.  And the ability to pay for and take this medication for a healthy baby.



I actually got a few precious quite morning moments with my big guy today.  That hasn’t happened in forever, and he still, kinda, fits in my lap.  Taking those while I still can.  God has blessed me and my heart is full.



Are those crazy flippy do bedhead hairs apparent enough?  Oh.My.Goodness.  Last week I went to pick him up from pre-school and his teacher is like “Hey, I have a funny picture to show you!”  She pulls out her phone and shows me the most MORTIFYING photo of my son with the most crazy bedhead.  Thank you, Miss Pre-school teacher. -She is really wonderful and just adores our son.  Aaaand- I now have the very best reason to start homeschooling.  I mean, what do you even do but laugh it off.  I made up some story that he won’t let us cut it.  Suuuuuure.



You know you’re pregnant when…. fill in the blank.  I baught this jar at around 4 pm yesterday.  Around 4:15pm this is what was left.

Very very richly blessed that I have pickle cravings at the 12 week mark.  Prayer and cravings are stemming the tide of worry. Thanks be to God that I have my family, my wonderful husband who loves and adores me, even when I’m not at my best and my lovely kids who make me smile each and every day.

Thanks so much to Like Mother Like Daughter and the lovely Cari  on Theme Thursday for linkup fun!  Ciao Amigos!

I really am still here.

Well, I’ve just been spinning, kind of literally and trying to maintain some sort of order for our little family as this cute little growing gummy baby gets bigger and better.  

I promise with all the promises to post tomorrow, I’m even gonna try a fancy shmancy link-up… I know, I’m getting crazy.  

Suffice it to say, I still love bread, specifically sourdough and cannot wait to have the energy to wholeheartedly attack another starter recipe- yes- 1st starter is dead and gone.  

I still love you all and miss you terribly.

It’s still Lent.  So, there’s that.  Husband loves it. Me, I am trying to offer up my suffering for this little babe to grow and meet her in October. 

It’s Wednesday and I am waiting on pins and needles to find out what Cari’s Theme Thursday will be.  Am I completely and unnecessarily stressing about this?  Why yes, thank you pregnancy sleeplessness at 3am. 

At least I can eat cookies again.  Major major points for life there.  

Hope to see you back here manana.  

Until then, ciao amigos.

Thoughts from a post-abortive/ post-miscarriage Mother.


What I really wanted to talk about was this thing that always happens to me as a post-abortive/ post-miscarriage Mom.

The fact of pregnancy and the hormones that accompany always take me into at least one tailspin of our lost children.  I dwell all night about my first child, the circumstances, the things I wish I would have done, known, who I wish I could have been.  How much I miss that baby that was lost to the tragedy of abortion that January so long ago.  Each time a new doc or nurse or tech or anybody has to delve into my past, there my baby is, waiting to be spoken about.  Waiting to be loved.  And now, all I have for him is love and longing to be reunited with him in Heaven.  I know that he is safe and loved more than I could know in the arms of Jesus, as are our other two darling children.  I don’t carry shame anymore, God in His grace has granted me forgiveness. Really, it’s more an inability to express how much those children mean to me. I have two living beautiful children and 3 wonderful souls in heaven.  I pray for them and know that they pray for me in whatever capacity they have.  I am their Mother today and always and I cherish this.

I’m so grateful for the work of pro-life people like Abby Johnson, who will talk about these things, about forgiveness after abortion.  The light that is shed on darkness through Jesus Christ is life giving and freeing.  I remember when I was confessing my sins for the very first time just 5 years ago this Lent and just how amazing it was to truly ask the Lord to forgive me for killing my baby.  It was one of the biggest moments of my life.  Before that I felt so dirty and ashamed and unable to own what I had done.  I didn’t have Jesus before that year and you can’t Give yourself true forgiveness, it  only truly comes from God.

As a Buddhist I had always assumed that role for myself and it brought me only heartache and deep depression.  I couldn’t admit anything.  I hid many many things from myself to forget pain and pretend that I was strong enough.  I used every form of denial; alcohol was my favorite go-to, but relationship hopping and sex were never out of the question to fill the void. I learned the very very tough way that I’m not the one in charge, but He is.  I’m not saying it wasn’t important or even essential to try to forgive myself, to forgive oneself for aborting a baby.  It is.  But there still was that place in my heart -and it turned out to be my whole heart- that needed true food, true love.

So here I am, with an amazing husband who loves me and who helped me come to know Jesus and ask Him for forgiveness and come to the Catholic Church.  With whom I have two amazing and perfect living children and one growing inside of me now.  This pregnancy is hard.  Harder it seems than the last, and seeing and hearing her perfect little heartbeat made all the yucky nausea and pain just worth it.  I’m a mother to a new soul, a soul that has been co- created with God himself.  I am eternally grateful to know that and have love for the little fragile life inside me.  She’s my baby now and forever and I already love her in her teeny tiny phase and the rest of it.

Thank you for reading and I hope this heartens people to know that change is possible and that if a person like I was can change anyone can.  I really believe that because Jesus healed my heart and brought me back to life.

If you are reading this thinking I’m crazy, but How would a person become Catholic?  Just hop over to your local Catholic Church and ask about RCIA – Rite of Christian Innitiation for Adults.  Even universities like CU Boulder where my husband and I converted have campus parishes and amazing people to connect with.

And if you are reading this, pregnant and don’t know what to do I recommend these amazing places/organizations for some of the best care and help an expectant Mother can ask for:

Gabriel House nearest you for the best pre-natal and infant/Mama support I’ve ever known. This one is for Denver but it’s a nationwide project to help mothers and babies.

Abby Johnson’s site has wonderful resources.

Embrace Grace is out of Texas and here’s an amazing video they produced.

I thought I would end here.  Peace be with you.

7QT Where I make a Leeetle Announcement…



Boy oh boy have I been dying to share this news with y’all!   See that little gummie bear looking thing?  That’s our baby!  I just am so amazed at this imaging, we haven’t had it with our other two, so it was quite the treat. We’re due early October so baby should arrive somewhere next January. Joking.



And then these two, they are so excited about the baby inside Mommy’s tummy.  Reason to smile.




I just haven’t even had the energy to do a post in like, forever.  My first trimester is a bad blues song that goes something like “Oh whoa is meeeeEEEEeeeee, I just can’t take this No Mooooooooh”  and on and on forever. Not quite as bad as Mama Knows, which is hilarious and sad but, Laudy, is it just a way start offering up every little thing, ever.


I’m actually quite bummed I didn’t have one ounce of energy to put my little fingers to a keyboard, much less pull my brain out of the gigantic cotton filled fog I’ve been in for weeks now.  So, to all you wonderful peeps grinding out the week, thanks for giving my basically bed-ridden self something to laugh and smile about.


Products:  Can I just say that if I never, ever, ever, ever ever see another piece of ginger or ginger ale or ginger gum or ginger anything it will be too dang soon.  Ugh.  It does help for a minute, but really, I’m just a praying that this next 4 weeks goes smoothly and not worse.  Meds: Doc has put me on Actual progesterone because of multiple miscarriages and I get to stop at week 12.  Today is the first day, and so far, no barfy barfy or anything there like, lethargic, but not the super yuck.  Good. News.  I’m also one of those sicky sicks who goes on the anti-nausea meds, please don’t judge, cuz, I have got to got to got to be Mama.  We aren’t exactly living in the lap of luxury and husband works thru my sickest part of the day.  Non-smelly anything:  I think I haven’t even put hair product in and there’s just no way I could touch perfume- if I had any- or even any kind of aromatic food- just kills me.  The Keurig has been my total life saver, from making my instant broth, to whatever I need hot water in stat; it’s been my best friend.  Thank you Keurig!



I really really wanted to try this for a possible cure to the sickness.  Can I just say that even thinking about meat or cooking it has been totally and utterly impossible.  I got the idea from Jen’s morning sickness post  after a friend Pinned it and just hoped and prayed it would work. So I bought the book all excited- this is still pre-sick phase and then BAM.  Just like that, I was layed up, out cold, useless to my family and the world other than building a sweet tiny little bebe.  Plus- no bread!?  Eek gads, I am just not that strong willed.  I’m not.  Not right now anyway.  Maybe After I’m thru this stage , but right now, it’s like all I can do to heat up a cup of broth to sip on and dip a piece of toast into it if I’m lucky.



I’m already forming a committee to name our Third, Ender.  We’re giant fans of the BOOK, not the horrible sellout of a film {major bummer for us Ender geeks} and I am really not opposed to naming a kid after a favorite character, plus a lifetime of cool kids getting it?: Awesome.  Husband says we could name bebe Andrew but he”s sure it’s a girl and I’m not so keen on Andrew for a girl. Or Valentine.   And to kow my taste in baby naming, I desperately wanted to name baby girl Eowyn.  Duh.  No dice.  Help?  You could send plea letters, picket, do one of those Presidential Executive decision thingies, petition, whatever.  And then again!  Light bulb:  if it gets to be too much for him, maybe he’ll say that Eowyn isn’t so bad After all!!!  Ha.  Happy weekending friends.

Heading over to Jen’s 7QT for more friday fun.  Seeya there.